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Did You Know Paint by Numbers Relieves Stress?

Did You Know Paint by Numbers Relieves Stress?

Did You Know Paint By Numbers Relieves Stress?

We all know that painting by numbers is fun and satisfying. But did you know that you can use a paint by numbers kit to reduce stress and relax?  

Did you know that painting also has incredibly positive effects on your mental health and well-being? And we are not talking about effects thanks to some kind of painting therapy guided by a mindfulness therapist. Just the simple activity of painting a canvas yourself, for fun.

Discover why paint by numbers DIY kits are good for your mental health and can help reduce stress.

Paint By Numbers To Reduce Stress

Scientists have confirmed it: painting reduces stress, as do mindfulness and meditation activities.

A study at Drexel University examined how different art techniques affect stress hormones. The results revealed that 45 minutes of creative activities like painting by numbers dramatically reduced stress symptoms.

Best of all, this happens regardless of the experience or talent of the person who paints. Whether you have the skills of Van Gogh or have never picked up a paintbrush, painting will help you reduce stress.

In the study, researchers analyzed 39 people, aged 18 to 59. The people had tools and resources to create something in 45 minutes. Participants had the opportunity to consult with a therapist in case of questions. Before the 45 minutes were up, the researchers sampled stress from all participants.

They found that:  

  • About 75% of them had significantly reduced their stress levels.
  • Contrary to expectations, those with more experience did not exhibit a greater reduction in stress.
  • The subjects had lower levels of stress hormones regardless of the subject's experience.
  • They also discovered that the theme or design chosen had little effect on the outcome.

Painting By Numbers Reduces The Effects Of Depression

Like mindfulness, painting by numbers reduces stress and its symptoms, and it can help you with depression. Lots of people with depression say that painting makes them feel better. It gives them new energy and feelings of pride and satisfaction for the work done. Feelings that some of these people have not felt in years.

Experts recognize painting by numbers and activities like mindfulness and meditation as effective tools in helping people with depression.

An excellent way to start being creative at home is with paint by number kits. These kits are ideal for beginners and come with a guide so that any adult can successfully paint a picture even without previous experience.

You will be amazed at what you can create with one of our paint by numbers kits.

Art Increases Empathy And Tolerance

A study of 10,000 people revealed that a simple one-hour visit to an art museum changed the way people think and feel. Those who visited the museum:

  • Increased their capacity for critical thinking
  • Showed greater empathy towards how people in the past lived,
  • Were also more mindful and tolerant of others

The study revealed that children who visited an art museum became more observant. They perceived and described more details and color of an image than their peers who did not visit.

Being observant and paying attention to small details is a critical life skill. Children learn such skills through creative activities. And paint by numbers for kids is an excellent hobby.

Visiting a museum also made children more tolerant of people who disagreed with them. With only a half-day visit, the researchers noticed a great improvement in this aspect.

So we invite you to paint by numbers and fill your home with beautiful and colorful works of art made by yourself. The process of creating art at home can be an incredible and positive experience.

Now that you know how art and painting can help reduce stress, and other benefits for mindfulness and mental health. Why not try one of our high-quality bestseller paint by number kits. Each kit comes complete with canvas, paint, and brushes - everything you need to paint at home.

Are you ready to get started? A paint by numbers kit is a great way to keep your mental health under control and release your imagination and inner creative spirit.

You will thank us for it!