Everything about your order and Painting By Numbers


I did not receive an order confirmation, what now?

If you have made a purchase with us, you will receive an order confirmation via email or SMS within a few minutes. If you did not receive an order confirmation, there can be the following reasons:

1.) You may have entered your email address incorrectly.

2.) Please check your spam folder. It could be that the order confirmation has landed there

3.) The order process was not completed correctly.


When will I receive my order?

Each order is unique, as a result the processing time depends on several things; the type of order, when you placed it, country etc. Keep in mind that once order is made you cannot make any changes. 

However, here’s what you can expect from shipping:

UK 7-10 Business Days

EU 7-10 Business Days

US 7-10 Business Days

South America 10-15 Business Days estimate

Asia 10-15 Business Days estimate

Africa 10-15 Business Days estimate

Australia & New Zealand 10-15 Business Days estimate

*we can't guarantee shipping times because we depend on our shipping partner. 


Will my picture / product arrive before Christmas / Easter or before a certain date?

Since we have all our pictures individually produced and printed for you, they also have different delivery times. Most pictures arrive within 10 days after confirmation of dispatch. In some, very rare cases, it can take up to 3 weeks - this can happen in times of many orders of individual pictures, because we currently have only one designer, who has to process every single order for you.

Before a picture is handed over to our shipping service provider, it currently takes about 3 days.

Usually it should be enough to order 3 weeks before a certain date. If you want to be absolutely sure, then order 5 weeks before the date you need the picture / product.

Please also keep in mind that on dates like Christmas the post office and of course we have a much higher shipping volume than usual in the year. In such times there are generally much more delays, for which we would like to apologize to you in advance.

In case of an enormous delivery delay, please send us an e-mail to support@paintbynumbers-diy.com and we will surely find a solution!


When will my order be shipped?

All pictures are produced for you only when you order them and we receive a large number of orders every day. On the one hand this is very nice, because we know that you like our pictures, on the other hand this creates a very big queue of print orders. The individual pictures also have to be processed by our designer, which causes additional waiting time. At the moment it takes about 3-4 days until your picture is handed over to our shipping service provider.

But we are already in the process of upgrading our printing machines and expanding our infrastructure to speed up the processes. Since this is connected with high costs, which we would not like to pass on to you, we need time for this and ask for your understanding and patience.


Can I track my shipment with a tracking number?

Don't worry - it is quite normal and often happens that the shipment status is updated with a delay.

As soon as an order is announced to the shipping service provider, i.e. the product goes into production, the customer receives an automatic shipment notification. The tracking number is thus already provisionally available and is updated as soon as the shipping partner has picked up the package. Please note that the shipment status can be updated at the customer's site with a delay of a few days and that it is only a simplified representation of the complex production and delivery process.


I get the status "NotFound" when I try to track my shipment with the tracking number. What is going on?

In our online store we use an interface to our shipping service provider. Sometimes this interface does not seem to work properly and then it can happen that you get the status "NotFound" to your tracking number. To get a status to your shipment anyway, please follow the instructions below:

1. go to the website https://www.17track.net/

2. now insert your tracking number in the large text field and click on "Search".

Done! You should now receive the status of your shipment!

If these instructions do not work, it is possible that the tracking number has not yet been transferred to your online system by the shipping service provider and is therefore not yet available. We usually receive the tracking numbers a little earlier and therefore there may be some overlaps. Just try to track your shipment again a few days later!


According to tracking and tracing, nothing more is happening - what now?

If your order status has not changed for 7 days after the shipping confirmation (except for desired motifs), our supplier has to create a tracing request. This can take up to 14 days.

The following can be reasons that your package did not arrive at your place:

1.) The address is incomplete or incorrect

2.) The package or packaging has been damaged and must be repacked


I have ordered several products, but only one has arrived. Why?

To meet the great demand, we store our products in several warehouses. Therefore products are always packed and shipped individually. Although we send several packages, the shipping costs remain free for you, even for larger orders.


The package was sent back, what now?

The following reasons can be the reason why the package is returned to us:

1.) The delivery address is unknown

2.) The storage period in the store or packing station has been exceeded

3.) The recipient cannot be determined


Why can I suddenly not find a certain article anymore?

In our online store you will only find articles that we have in stock for you. It can happen that especially desired articles, color variations or sizes are sold out after a short time. Feel free to have a look around - you are sure to find a first-class replacement in our assortment.


I have received a wrong image / product. What do I do now?

This is of course not so nice and we apologize to you very much! Please let us know by e-mail at support@paintbynumbers-diy.com and we will find a solution as soon as possible.


Can I get more brushes for my painting?

Yes, in addition to the normal brushes that are sent with every picture, you can also order an extensive brush set here. Please note that this is connected with additional costs for you.


I miss the brushes and what now?

This is unfortunately very annoying and we apologize to you very much! Since our shipping times are relatively long, we recommend that you quickly buy some cheap brushes from the hobby store around the corner and we will refund you 10% of the purchase price. Of course we will send you new brushes on request, but this can take up to 3 weeks as with the other products.

In this case please inform us by e-mail to support@paintbynumbers-diy.com


I am missing a color, what do I have to do?

Unfortunately this is not so great and we apologize very much! Please let us know by e-mail at support@paintbynumbers-diy.com and we will send you a new color as soon as possible.


I have too little color and now what?

Normally, each color should be completely sufficient to paint your ordered picture completely. Try not to apply the paint too thickly or use it in other places. If the color is still not enough, write us an e-mail to support@paintbynumbers-diy.com and we will try to find a solution.


A paint has dried up and now?

Probably you left your painting for too long before you started painting it. Unfortunately, after a certain period of non-use, the paint can dry despite the airtight seal.

You can try to apply the paint carefully with a few drops of water and then mix it properly. If it doesn't work the first time, try to repeat this procedure until the paint reaches the desired consistency again.

Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver colors if the order is older than 2 months.


Can I reorder acrylic paints?

Yes, you can order separate Acrylic Paint here.


Are there any shipping costs?

No. Like you, we do not like shipping costs. That's why we send out every shipment free of shipping costs. In addition, each shipment has a tracking number with which you can track your shipment.


Is there a minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum order value in our online store! We are grateful for every order you place :)


My delivery address has changed - what do I have to do?

If you have a new address, let us know as soon as possible so that we can change the shipping address before shipping. If the goods have already been shipped, the change is unfortunately no longer possible.


I do not like the kit, is it possible to exchange it?

Of course an exchange is possible! Please send the picture back to us according to our cancellation policy.

If you would like to exchange your picture for another one, please enclose a note in which you briefly draw our attention to this fact. Don't forget to tell us which new picture we may send you.

Please note: If you have ordered a Paint by Numbers picture from your photo, an exchange is unfortunately not possible because the picture was produced especially for you and cannot be sold to any other customer.


How can I return the ordered item?

You can find all information about the return in our return policy.

Please note: If you have ordered a Paint by Numbers picture from your photo, an exchange is unfortunately not possible because the picture was produced especially for you and cannot be sold to any other customer.


Where can I get a return label?

Unfortunately we do not provide a return label and you will have to write the address on your package yourself.

You can find all information about returning goods in our return policy.


What is the best way to contact Painting By Numbers DIY?

Please contact our support via email: support@paintbynumbers-diy.com . We will do our best to process your request as soon as possible. Usually this is done within 48 hours.


What information should I leave when contacting customer support?

In order that our customer support can help you as quickly as possible, we ask you to provide the following information:

- Write with the email address with which you ordered

- Tell us your full name

- Tell us your order number (#PBNDIY-...)

- Describe your request as detailed as possible


How secure is my data?

We attach great importance to your security when making payments. Of course, your data will only be transmitted encrypted, so that third parties cannot read them. Your payments are processed by a specially security-certified partner.


For whom is painting by numbers suitable?

Originally intended for children, Painting by Numbers today inspires all age groups. The pictures look like they were painted by themselves. Children and adults alike enjoy this leisure activity. Even less creative people can now paint beautiful motifs and be proud of their work.


How does painting by numbers work?

After choosing your motif in DIY Painting by Numbers we send the ordered set to your home. The colorless pictures already show areas by lines, which you can now paint with the corresponding colors. So it is already determined by a numbering, which color belongs on which area of the picture. You will soon see how well the colors match each other and will harmonize perfectly.


Do I still have to mix the colors?

No. The colors are already mixed and are marked with small numbers. Each number is intended for a corresponding field.


What is included in a "Paint By Number Set"?

- High quality canvas (size: 40x50cm) 

- High quality acrylic paint set, which contains all colors needed for the picture

- 3 high-quality nylon brushes with different brush tips for the perfect result


What do I have to pay special attention to when painting?

We have created an article with 9 tips & tricks for the perfect picture. 


Does "Painting By Numbers" help to relax?

It helps to focus on simple, manual activities, especially when you are mentally tense. Painting by numbers is a good way to relax. By coloring the surfaces and concentrating on the lines, you can escape the stress of everyday life and devote your attention to this simple pastime.